My Mini Wallet iPhone App
“Love this! So convenient   works amazingly! :)”
Introducing MyMiniWallet
A FREE App for the iPhone to un-clutter your wallet
MyMiniWallet lets you elegantly store, organize, and recall your GIFT CARDS, RECEIPTS, COUPONS, and MEMBERSHIP CARDS all in one elegant and very simple, intuitive, PIN-protected App. This App also allows you to upload the picture of the cards and other supplementary information to carry with you in your phone, instead of stuffing it in your wallet, and to geo-locate the various stores around you based on their information.
FIND A STORE: By push of a button, MyMiniWallet also allows you to, geo-locate the nearest store at which you can use your stored item.
FUTURE UPDATES will include bar-code functionality, "push" notifications to alert you when you're near a store, web-site interactivity, and many many other features. We welcome your feedback, so download MyMiniWallet today, and let us know how you wish to see it improved. We would love to hear from you.
This app is quite simple to use and elegant.....just downloaded it and have already seen the benefits!!!
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